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Elmo Earned my Respect this Week.

Updated: Jan 31

Lessons we can learn from my wise, Elmo loving, niece.

1.      Be candid about mental health.

2.      It is okay to not be okay.

3.      You can ask for help

This past weekend my niece Talia celebrated her second birthday. She chose to have Elmo on her cake and her Elmo doll join her for naptime. Like many of us at that age, Talia was wise in this choice to call Elmo her friend. Elmo is not afraid to admit he is struggling and asks how people are actually doing. He stresses the importance of being candid when talking about mental health, which prompted many to express themselves. It is vital that we remove the stigma of mental health challenges and that we normalize healthy coping skills and treatment options. Thank you Elmo!


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